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STL Ocarina 2020 Shopping Guide for Zelda Fans

Behold the Magic -- The Ocarina of Time!

The Ocarina of Time casts its spell on its bearer -- no matter if you are a novice or an eternal fan. Touch it, play it, and discover the secrets of the Zelda ocarina through your own musical odyssey. From classic models such as the Zelda ocarina replica to the sturdy plastic ocarina with accompanying Legend of Zelda songbook, your journey awaits you! 

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STL Ocarina 2020 Shopping Guide Popular Ocarinas 

Our top picks for you

It's a busy season, that's for sure. With these top-rated models and beloved classics, you are sure to find the right ocarina for you in no time. In our collection, the Nebula and the Phoenix ceramic models, for instance, have proven the test of time. Our picks bring you the epic sound in a beautiful design all wrapped into one.

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12-Hole Nebula Ocarina
12-Hole Phoenix Ocarina
12-Hole Dragon Ocarina
Our 12-Hole Ocarina Page

STL Ocarina 2020 Shopping Guide for Beginners

With our small and lightweight designs, picking up the ocarina is a breeze. We've gathered inexpensive yet durable models that are ideal for beginners. Used in classrooms, they have delighted students time and time again. So what's stopping you from beginning your ocarina journey? There is no time like now.

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12-Hole Plastic Ocarinas
6-Hole Plastic Ocarina
Our Ocarina Course (for 12-Hole)
Our Plastic Ocarina Page

STL Ocarina 2020 Shopping Guide for Musicians

Professional musicians need professional ocarinas. Our high-caliber ocarinas are designed with the serious, discerning performer in mind. Expertly crafted from either porcelain or purple clay, we have gathered outstanding models for the utmost performance. Resonant, organic, and built to last, these ocarinas are intended for an advanced repertoire. Reward yourself with these quality ocarinas below!

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12 Hole Blue and White Porcelain Tenor Ocarina
12 Hole Purple Clay Tenor Ocarina
Purple Clay Tenor C Major Double Ocarina
Our Professional Ocarina Page

STL Ocarina 2020 Shopping Guide One of a Kind Chen Ching

The ultimate Ocarina collection – exclusively designed by legendary ceramic artist Chen Ching – assembled just for you! This is the largest Chen Ching collection in existence, featuring a wide variety of tunings, sizes, and designs. This is a treasure trove of imaginative creation – find your own truly “one of a kind” Ocarina below!

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Chen Ching Ocarina Page

STL Ocarina 2020 Shopping Guide for Gift Cards

Someone special needs a special gift. This doesn't mean that you need to spend time looking for the perfect ocarina. Let your loved one choose! When you send them a gift card, they will get it by instant electronic delivery. They can now pick the right ocarina to begin their musical journey -- thanks to you!

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Our Gift Card Page

We have a selection of instructional books for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Please see below:

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Our Best Seller - 12 Hole Method Book
Our Method and Exercise Book Page
Our Songbook Page
Our Music Library


Designed specially for D&D fans, these ocarinas are brand new in 2021.

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Our Dungeons and Dragons Ocarinas Page