Ocarina Master

Story So Far…..

Could you play an instrument to save your life—literally? That’s exactly what you’ll need to do in order to save the world. You see; in the not-so-distant future, technology will take away our ability to enjoy the simplest pleasures, including music. We’re talking about real music that comes from real instruments and not just some Smartphone app. When people stop learning how to play musical instruments, production of instruments will cease, leaving us vulnerable to an invasion of powerful aliens known as the Censors. This powerful alien race has stood silently by, watching us humans and taking note of our every technological advance. Unfortunately, the Censors have made even greater strides and have advanced technology that far surpasses anything here on Earth. They have only one weakness, which is clear, crisp, live music. With no instruments left on Earth, what will we do??

Fortunately, the ocarina is a simple instrument that’s easy to make and learn. These small and simple instruments are capable of producing crisp sound and a pitch range that’s sure to obliterate the aliens.

In this game, alien ships will come down, each with a music note on them. Your job as a player is to play the correct note on the ocarina, which will amplify through the super blaster weapon, destroying the alien ship. They’ll come down faster and faster, eventually destroying the shields and buildings until the game is over—that is if you don’t hit the right notes.

Can you rise to the challenge?

If You Have a Mobile Device

You will need a browser that works with Adobe Flash.

For iPhone and iPad, you can get Puffin Web Browser here.

For Android devices, you can get Puffin Web Browser here.

How to Play

1. Go to this page.

2. Select the type of ocarina that you want to use.

3. Select the notes that you want to appear in the game. Each note is worth 1 point when you destroy a ship. And the sharps and flats get 2x the points. For example, if you select C, C#, D, and E, each ship is worth 4 points, except C#. C# is worth 8 points.

4. If you like, you can turn the sound in the game off.

5. Click “Start”.

6. Allow Adobe Flash Player to access your microphone.

7. Play the notes displayed on the alien ships with your ocarina to fire the blaster.

8. The dots above or below the notes indicate higher or lower octaves.

Fire Special Weapon: Super Blaster

Activate the Super Blaster to destroy every ship on the screen by playing any 5 notes quickly and clearly on your ocarina. Once you use the Super Blaster, it will take time to re-charge. Keep your eyes on the ocarina symbol at the bottom of your blaster. You can only use the Super Blaster when it is fully charged.

Bonus Ships

Destory ships with green highlight and get 5 times regular points.

Destroy red ships to destroy all the ships on the screen.

Fingering Charts

You can download these fingering charts. They'll help you fire the blaster.

12 Hole C Major Soprano Ocarina (Pitch range from A5 to F7)
12 Hole C Major Tenor Ocarina (Pitch range from A4 to F6)
12 Hole C Major Bass Ocarina (Pitch range from A3 to F5)
C Major Double Ocarina (Pitch range from A4 to C7)