Online Ocarina Lessons

Now ocarina is even easier to learn because you can take ocarina lessons no matter where you live!

Heather is now available for one-on-one lessons online. You can take lessons on 6 hole, 12 hole, or double ocarina. Dr. Jenna Daum will provide the necessary teaching materials. You just need your ocarina!

If you are a beginner, Dr. Daum can teach you to play with good technique from the start. She will guide you through the skills in a methodical progressive manner. You'll learn:

1. Proper breathing and blowing technique for good tone 2. Developing good intonation 3. How to practice effectively 4. How to read music on the ocarina 5. New songs

If you already play the ocarina, Dr. Daum can help you improve your technique and correct bad habits. You will learn:

1. To improve your tone 2. Advanced techniques like vibrato and various articulations 3. To develop musical sensitivity 4. How to prepare for public performance 5. To expand your repertoire

You can view a sample lesson here.

To sign up for lessons, select the length of lesson from the choices below:

30 Minute One-on-One Ocarina Lesson 45 Minute One-on-One Ocarina Lesson 60 Minute One-on-One Ocarina Lesson