12 Hole Purple Clay Mini Ocarina

12 Hole Purple Clay Mini Ocarina
12 Hole Purple Clay Mini Ocarina
12 Hole Purple Clay Mini Ocarina

A Perfect traveling partner

  • 12-hole soprano C Major ocarina
  • A professional miniature ocarina
  • Awesome sound in a tiny vessel
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  • Take this mini ocarina with you wherever you go!

    This instrument is a brand new, 12-hole purple clay soprano ocarina. It is only about 3 inches long, accurately tuned in the key of C Major, with a pitch range of more than an octave and half (13 notes). It also has the capability of performing sharps and flats. We have included a fingering chart and an instructional booklet with this ocarina.

    What is Purple Clay?

    Purple Clay, also known as ( Zisha or Purple Sand ), is a rare natural mineral resource found only in the region of Yixing, China. It is comprised of clay and other minerals such as quartz. Although named "purple clay" it is usually rose-brown in color, although some other colors exist. Because of its unique blend of minerals, purple clay is more durable than other clays once it has been fired. It is also more porous. As a result, ocarinas made of purple clay actually improve with time. As the clay absorbs the moisture created by playing, the clay vibrates differently and becomes more resonant.

    You have the option to add a digital song set of Ocarina tabs from Lord of the Rings OR a digital song set of Ocarina tabs from Legend of Zelda to this purchase. Lord of the Rings songs include: Concerning Hobbits, Eowyn's Theme, Evenstar, I See Fire, In Dreams, Into The West, Misty Mountains, Pippin's Song, The King of the Golden Hall, and the Stewart of Gondor. Legend of Zelda songs include: Ballad of the Goddess, Bolero of Fire, Clock Town, Deku's Palace, Elegy of Emptiness, Gerudo Valley, Goron Lullaby, Kakariko Village, Kokiri Forest, Korok Forest, Lake Hylia, Nocturne of Shadow, Oath To Order, Prelude of Light, Saria's Song, Shop Theme, Song of Awakening, Song of Double Time, Song of Healing, Song of Storms, The Great Sea, and Windwaker Title Theme. Once purchased, these songs will be available for immediate download.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Samir Abdelhamid
    Best ocarina for daily use

    This is the best ocarina I've purchased from STL. I play it daily
    Even though I'm tall, I did not find it difficult to adjust to. It's true that purple clay ocarinas only sound better the more they are played

    Teddy Lowe
    This thing is tiny, but mighty!

    This has quickly become my favorite Ocarina! I wear it all the time, just like a pendant ocarina, but without the reduced range and more difficult sharps that come with pendants. It has really good sound quality and a very clear tone with no airyness at all even on the highest notes in my experience. It Is a perfect little every day instrument if your hands are small enough to use it.

    Benjamin Goss

    This little ocarina was a lot louder than what I was expecting. May be the loudest ocarina I own now, haha, for how small it is its a bit comical. It looks and feels like a full size ocarina that has been shrunken down to hobbit size haha. Absolutely love the sound quality, and the size is perfect for putting in a shirt pocket. I am so glad STL sells TNG here in the states, otherwise these ocarinas are a bit hard and expensive to get from over seas. I think the price is more than reasonable for a very well made hand crafted ocarina.

    Rachel Hastings
    Excellent sound quality

    For such a small ocarina, this instrument has a beautiful, clear tone!

    The perfect travel companion

    I've had this ocarina for only about a week now, but it's already a well loved addition to my collection. My first soprano that I actually enjoy playing after 14 years! (Although in fairness, I've only had two prior to this one). It is a perfect traveling companion due to its weight and size. I highly recommend this ocarina, although not for everyone (more on that later).

    Appearance: This ocarina is, simply put, adorable. It's tiny and round, with a lovely rosy brown color that is surprisingly shiny for something unglazed. The beaded neckstrap is a very nice visual touch that makes it suitable as a necklace. As you play it, the purple clay will become 'stained' a darker color around the mouth piece and holes; at first temporarily, and with time, permanently. While some might be disappointed by the discoloration, this is a symbol of a well loved purple clay ocarina, and you should take pride in it. 5/5

    Portability: This thing is small! And it's light as a feather. With the built in neckstrap, it's perfect for taking with you. It's made of clay of course, so you still have to be careful with it, which is why I can't give it a 5. But as far as clay ocarinas go, especially 12 holes, this can't be beat. 4.5/5

    Sound: It's got a very bright, clear, and merry tone without getting into shrill territory like many sopranos do. A slight 'earthiness' to it that I expect from the purple clay line that doesn't quite lead into mellowness (not that sopranos really get into much of a 'mellow' tone; the closest thing to a mellow sounding soprano I can think of are Charlie Hind's). Well tuned. I cannot get over the sound; it is so nice to have a soprano that isn't shrill. 5/5

    Breath: Medium high in requirements, steadily increasing on the higher notes and decreasing on the lower notes. Acute bend needed pretty early on. My only real complaint is that the sub holes have a strange 'slope' in breath requirements; the 'less breath' jump between D-C to C-B pretty low compared to most of the range, but that can be overcome with some practice. Otherwise very steady, if somewhat 'narrow' in pressure range for hitting a note right; I wouldn't call it unforgiving, but I wouldn't call it forgiving either. 4/5

    Ergonomics: Purple clay is great ergonomically due to its absorbent qualities and its 'texture' which makes it both smooth but grippy. However, despite this, this ocarina is inherently a compromise in ergonomics due to its small size; this is to be expected. Luckily for me, I have VERY small hands with thin fingers, so I barely struggle with its small size; I can even hold the tail of the ocarina with my pinky tip like a normal ocarina, rather than across the bottom as Cris Gale does in the demonstration video. My only issue is with the sub hole that would be played with the right hand; it gets a little cramped when I play it, and my middle finger usually ends up touching my left hand. I do wish the tail were a bit longer as it took a little getting used to holding the tail without accidentally covering the 10th hole, and that there was more space between the top and bottom holes so that it'd get less cramped. Overall though, it feels surprisingly sturdy and comfortable to play despite its size. For most people however, I imagine this would be a much lower score; but that's the trade off you get for making such a small 12 hole ocarina. I am personally going to give this score a 4/5; however, for most people, I expect this to be MUCH lower of a score. I imagine it'd be downright unplayable for someone with particularly large hands.

    Some things to keep in mind for prospective buyers:

    -If this is your first ocarina, I would not buy it UNLESS you are very young and thus have very tiny hands. Sopranos are a bit more demanding and finicky with breath requirements and, for most people, are a little more ergonomically challenging due to their size; this is especially true of this ocarina. If this is your first ocarina, I highly recommend the DIY (which I will be posting a review of later once I've painted mine). If you have extremely tiny hands (thinking kids under the age of 8, maybe 12 at most), you'll probably have an easier time with this ocarina than the DIY despite what I've said, because it'll be so much easier to hold.

    -If you don't have small hands and aren't hellbent on having a super duper portable 12 hole, I'd save up for the normal purple clay soprano. I know it's more expensive, but this thing is VERY small, and you're likely better off with it.

    -Because it is a soprano, it is going to be loud. This can be an issue if you share rooms with someone, live with elderly people/pets, or are in an apartment...so do keep that in mind!

    Overall, I give this ocarina 4.5/5. It is absolutely a joy to play and while it took a little while to get used to and has a few tiny flaws, doing so was extremely rewarding. As far as non-plastic 12 hole transverse ocarinas go, it really is the perfect travel companion


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