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New MaxRange Triple Bass Ocarina

New MaxRange Triple Bass Ocarina

Why limit yourself?

  • Triple chamber bass C Major ocarina
  • Widest note range in the world
  • Includes 2 songbooks
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  • This black-orange beauty is the most advanced ocarina in existence! The MaxRange Triple Bass Ocarina offers the widest range of any other ocarina in the world and with only three chambers.

    Its deep sound and versatility make the MaxRange Triple Bass Ocarina a dream to play and listen to. It measures 7 1/4 inches wide and 4 1/4 inches long. It’s tuned to perfection in the key of C Major and offers a truly impressive pitch range of more than three and a half octaves, from A3 to F7. The ultimate ocarina for the serious player also comes complete with a detailed fingering chart, a Zelda Songbook, and Folksong for Ocarina Volume One.

    Prefer other songbooks? No worries! Just let us know in the comment section at checkout and we will be happy to switch them for you.


    --- MaxRange Triple Bass Ocarina
    --- The most advanced ocarina in existence
    --- Three chambers with a broader range than any other ocarina, including four-chambered
    --- Accurately tuned in C Major
    --- Pitch range of three and a half octaves (A3 to F7)
    --- Measures 7 1/4 inches wide and 4 1/4 inches long
    --- Detailed fingering chart included
    --- Zelda Songbook included
    --- Folksong for Ocarina Volume One included
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Jordan Moresi
    I love the potential

    This ocarina is really difficult to play, yet I've had more fun playing it than any other ocarina. This is my first multi chamber ocarina. I wanted a true all purpose ocarina so I'm not having to switch to different ocarinas for each occasion. Which means I can actually play music the way it's intended to be played, instead of having to transpose and go down the octave. It sounds good too. I also like the look. It has a nice crackle effect to it. One thing I really need to get better at though is how to hold it. My hands hurt a lot after only 10 minutes of playing. Lots of potential with this ocarina.

    Jason Greenhalgh
    Great little ocarina for what u get

    I got this because I love the lower tones and sounds that ocarinas produce. This has a wonderful tone and just so beautiful. My only issue is the sub holes on chamber 2. That takes some getting used to and be able to cover both holes with some success. If ur looking for an insturment that has a big range and big sound check this one out you won't be disappointed


    New MaxRange Triple Bass Ocarina

    Love love love

    Love this ocarina! I love how I can play a lot of songs in 3 different tone ranges on this ocarina. The range on this is unbeatable! It is also very easy to pick up and play. The finger patterns are the same for the second and third chamber which is easy to remember.

    The sound is beautifully resonant on the first chamber, crisp and clean on the third, and something in between in the second.

    The only thing I find that puts a kink in it is the low A on the first chamber. Maybe it’s because I’m not a very experienced player, but I can only get as low as Bb, and cannot hit A with any sort of steady stream of breath. Maybe this will improve over time? I hope it does, as I love this ocarina so much, I want to get another one as a back up :-)

    Diane Thompson
    Much easier to play than expected

    I had been learning to play the Purple Clay Triple Bass from Imperial City for several months before breaking down and buying the Max Range. I had been having a problem with the weight, the hole sizes and the chamber switching in the other ocarina.
    The ergonomic design of this ocarina makes it very easy to play and switch between chambers with great ease. It fits quite comfortably in your hands without strain or pain. That makes a big difference if you are playing for a long time.
    The lighter weight and smaller holes makes it a lot easier for my small hands to play the notes clearly, without wavering. None of the holes are too big for my small hands.
    The sound is equally beautiful and resonant in all chambers. The high notes don’t screech and the low notes are beautifully mellow.
    I thought that there would be another learning curve because this ocarina was so different, but I was playing more pieces with this one after one day than I had been playing with my other one after 3 months.
    The mouth holes are a lot smoother than my old one, contributing to the ease of changing chambers. The holes are spaced out a little wider than my old one, but that is a fairly easy adjustment.
    In her instruction video, Cris Gale said that it could be the only ocarina you will ever need and I am beginning to see that could be possible. It is already my favourite and I have only had it 2 days.
    I love the sound and the reliability of the notes. I don’t have to worry about switching chambers and playing a wrong note. It is important to be able to play your instrument with confidence, or you can’t really play it in public.
    The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was the fact that it didn’t come with any kind of carrying case. For the amount of money for the ocarina, it should come with at least a padded fabric case to carry it in. I can’t carry it in the cardboard box it came in.
    It is supposed to be the most advanced ocarina STL sells, so I was surprised that the books that ...


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