Why Choose STL Ocarina

Why Choose STL Ocarina choosestl
What Do We Offer?
Educator Support

When you partner with STL Ocarina, you will receive quality instruments along with unlimited assistance from our experienced educators! Our Educational Division is always available to answer your questions and to help you along the way. We offer free lessons for educators and can provide clinics and masterclasses for your students. As a member of our educational community you have our continued support and our commitment to the success of your students.

Teaching Resources

We offer a variety of educational materials. Our method books are written by expert music educators with the needs of beginning students in mind. From audio CDs to instructional DVDs we have everything you need to teach your students effectively. We also offer free lesson plans to help you get your ocarina program started.


Our ocarinas are...

•    Durable
•    Affordable
•    User-friendly
•    Fully chromatic
•    Accurately tuned
•    Used all over the world
•    FUN!

We have a large variety of ocarinas to suit your classroom needs. Durable plastic ocarinas are available in both 12 hole and 6 hole models. 12 hole ocarinas are available in soprano, alto, tenor and bass ranges to complete your ocarina ensemble! All of our ocarinas are accurately tuned and fully chromatic. With a range of over an octave and a beautiful resonant tone, your students will be performing songs in no time!

Our Brochures for Music Educators

You can find more information on our brochures