Frequently Asked Questions by Music Educators

What is an Ocarina?

An Ocarina is a small, flute-like instrument native to South America. They are one piece, with a strap. Our Ocarinas have a beautiful tone and are tuned in C Major. They are fully chromatic.

Several of your students may be familiar with ocarinas, either because their parents/grandparents grew up immersed in an ocarina-loving culture, OR, because they played a video game called The Legend of Zelda in which the main character plays tunes on his ocarina.

Would this replace the sound recorder?

It can. STL Ocarina is excited to offer something new to general music teachers in an age where traditional teaching methods are becoming increasingly difficult. As a company, we do not want to stop any successful sound recorder programs. We just want to offer a proven successful alternative/addition for music classrooms.

What are the benefits to having an Ocarina in my classroom?

The musical purpose of having an ocarina program is to prepare students to go on and join secondary music programs with confidence. The hold is VERY comfortable; the fingering is almost identical to a saxophone. Students develop an understanding of a musical scale, proper breathing and articulation technique with the warm response of the ocarina, fine motor skill development, and confidence that learning an instrument is possible and fun at the same time.

Plus---it’s an ocarina!

Can an Ocarina produce overtones?

The Ocarina produces FEWER OVERTONES than all other musical instruments, thanks to its unique curvature.

The result is a sound with very few “squeaks”, making this an effective and popular choice for educators working with large groups.

What are the prices?

We offer educational discounts to all schools and teachers. Please contact us for pricing.