STL Ocarina Music Library

In this section, you can find ocarina tabs, sheet music, and accompaniment tracks to some of your favorite songs. We are constantly adding new songs, so please check frequently. You can also send your request for ocarina tabs to service(at)

Captain Harlock

Captain Harlock Mayu's Theme

Castle in the Sky

A Morning of the Slag Ravine

Christmas / Holiday Songs

Deck the Hall (free)

Frosty the Snowman (free)

Jingle Bell Rock (free)

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (free)

Sleigh Ride (free)

We Wish You a Merry Christmas (free)

Chrono Cross

Scars of Time

Classic Rock

Dream On

Stairway To Heaven

Free Bird

Black Dog


The Chain

Rock and Roll

Carry On Wayward Son

The Dark Crystal

Jen's Song (Free)

Enigma Variations


Final Fantasy

Terra's Theme

The Place I'll Return to Someday (free)

Harry Potter

Hedwig's Theme (free)

Kimi no Na wa

Zen Zen Zense

Kingdom Hearts

Don’t Think Twice

Kairi’s Theme

Lazy Afternoon


Simple and Clean

Traverse Town

Working Together

Lakmé by Léo Delibes

Flower Duet

League of Legends

Summoner's Call

The Legend of Zelda

Breath of the Wild Trailer Music Accompaniment mp3 (Free)

Bolero of Fire

Lake Hylia Theme

The Legend of Zelda Medley

Lorule Castle

New Wave Bossa Nova

Prince Sidon Theme

Wind Waker Title Theme

Luis Fonsi


The Magic Flute

Queen of the Night Aria (Free)​

Neon Genesis Evangelion

A Cruel Angel's Thesis

The Nutcracker Suite

Trepak (Russian Dance) (Free)


Overwatch Theme (Free)​

Professor Layton

Professor Layton's Theme


Theme Song (Free)

Lugia's Song (Free)


Still Alive

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Theme

The Snowman

Walking in the Air (Free)

Star Wars

Cantina Band

Steven Universe

Steven Universe Theme

Giant Woman

Steven's Lament

Strong in the Real Way

Transformers 3

The Fight Will be Your Own


Hopes And Dreams

Spider Dance



Songs from Wind of Time by Kristopher Maloy

Defiant (free)

Yuri on Ice

History Maker