#3 Education

(voiceover by Jennifer)


The world of music education is changing. New challenges are arising every day, and so much is now asked of our teachers. How do we adapt?


In this video, I’m going to show how we can ease the transition from in person to online, and also how to make the future transition back to the classroom much easier, through demonstrating and explaining everything you need to know about the Ocarina – a South American instrument with a rich, multi-cultural background and a fantastic sound quality.

(camera zooms to Jennifer in business casual dress)


My name is Jennifer, and I have been teaching music and homeschooling my children for many years. I use instruments from STL Ocarina to teach my kids music! Why do I use the Ocarina, and why do I use STL Ocarina? So many reasons!

(hold up the Ocarina, alternate with some closeup shots of the 6 Hole and 12 Hole plastic Ocarinas, perhaps rotating)


The Ocarina is small, lightweight, and easy to hold. It’s durable and will last for many years! The tone quality sounds great right away – no overblow, squeaking, or really loud noises – that’s something that students find very rewarding and fun right from day one.


STL Ocarina’s instruments are high quality, hygienic, and come with all of the resources I need to teach my children. They offer a wide range of textbooks, lesson plans, fingering charts, 24/7 help and advice from customer service, and have so many great testimonials! I know firsthand the joy and growth that music brings to my children, and the Ocarina makes this so much easier than I ever thought it could be!

(camera focuses on Jennifer)


Let me demonstrate just how easy the Ocarina can be! This is a plastic, 6 Hole Ocarina in C Major – perfect for very young students who are just starting out! I’m going to play a simple C Major scale.


(Jennifer plays a simple, slow C Major scale from low to high)


Now, I’m going to play a song from the Little Mermaid called Part of Your World – always a hit with students!


(Jennifer plays 4-5 measures of the chorus of Part of Your World in F Major)


Now, let’s demonstrate another style of Ocarina. This is a plastic, 12 Hole Ocarina in C Major – perfect for 4th and 5th grade levels. I’m going to play a simple C Major scale.


(Jennifer plays a simple, slow C Major scale from low to high)


Now, I’m going to play a song from Frozen called Let It Go – your students will definitely recognize this song!


(Jennifer plays 4-5 measures of the chorus of Let It Go in F Major)


See how easy that was? Whether it’s a song from the latest Disney movie or a basic nursery rhyme, you can easily find fun and educational repertoire for your students that will fit perfectly on the Ocarina.


Also, many of your students will recognize the Ocarina from several of their favorite videogames – the Legend of Zelda and this year’s most popular release – Animal Crossing!

(show some shots from something Zelda related – a music video, product shots, maybe stills from the game where one plays the Ocarina – this can be LOZ or Animal Crossing)



This is a great way to show your students that music exists everywhere, not just in the classroom! Their instrument is just like the magical Ocarinas shown in these videogames, and this will definitely inspire them to practice and learn their Ocarinas!

(camera goes back to Jennifer)


Now, if you are anything like me, you know that home schooling and teaching anything from home can be incredibly challenging. Like me, you probably have been, or still are, trying to find the tools to keep your students engaged and moving forward with their education!

(camera again shows students in the classroom playing Ocarina and interacting with teachers, shows teachers listening to Nicolas’s presentation and/or playing the Ocarina)


So many of my students start out on other instruments, like the recorder, flute, piano, or through vocal exercises and activities. And I have seen so many of my students experience frustration at how hard it can be to simply get a sound of their instrument! I’ve heard them say that they are bored with the slow pace of learning and progress, and have seen them feel generally discouraged with how long it can take to learn just one note on a violin, for example! So, when I was picking a new instrument to use with my students and my own kids, I took all of these things into account. As both a teacher and also a parent, I wanted to find something that wouldn’t be too loud or make squeaky, unpleasant sounds. I wanted something that could be learned really quickly – something that a student could start progressing on instantly! I wanted something that wouldn’t be too heavy, big, expensive, or fragile, and might pique a long-term interest in music in my children! I thought – why not try the Ocarina?

(camera goes back to Jennifer)


And guess what!

(camera zooms in or does something funny, music ceases momentarily)

It worked!

(website capture of products, lesson plans, showing a sample email detailing what Ocarinas we think would be right for one’s classroom)


Whether you are teaching from home or in person, you can find everything you need to make your school year so much easier with STL Ocarina, just like I did! My students were able to learn a song on the first day of lessons – rather than just one note! They were able to make a great sound in no time at all, and this made them excited, interested, and motivated to learn more!


When it comes to engaging students, keeping the classroom fun and entertaining, and finding easy, effective ways to demonstrate musical concepts, STL Ocarina is the place to go.

(camera goes back to Jennifer)


I’ve found the instruments, instructional materials, lesson plans, and above all, the peace of mind and confidence I’ve always wanted while assigning my kids homework, picking repertoire for us to study, and watching their interest in music grow with each new piece they master!


Maybe you already had your year planned out but are now re-evaluating everything and wondering – what else can I do? What can I add? What can my students easily do from home?


Why not give STL Ocarina a try? Schedule your free consultation with one of our education specialists through the link, and you can receive a FREE Ocarina sample! Try an Ocarina yourself and see just how dynamic this instrument can be!

(camera goes back to Jennifer)


So, visit our website to view our wide range of educational products, sheet music, textbooks, and more! We are here to hear your story, offer advice and tips, and find the right Ocarina plan for you!


Your students can move forward in no time at all. Make new memories from home, hit new milestones, and most importantly, help your students find joy and fulfillment in music through the accessibility, fun, and rewarding experience of playing the Ocarina!