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Holiday Shopping Guide 2020

STL Ocarina 2020 Shopping Guide for Zelda Fans

The Ocarina of Time awaits!

Whether you’re just starting out or a lifelong fan, we’ve got the right Zelda ocarinas for you! We have assembled everyone's favorite Legend of Zelda models, like our authentic Zelda ocarina replica or our super durable plastic ocarina with a Legend of Zelda songbook! Browse Hyrule below. 

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STL Ocarina 2020 Shopping Guide Popular Ocarinas


Want to skip right to the hottest designs?

We’ve assembled these top rated and beloved models for you to browse, saving you time and effort! Featuring our most popular and well received ceramic models like the Phoenix and the Dragon, this collection will fast track you to you an epic sound AND look! Browse our most loved designs below!

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12-Hole Nebula Ocarina
(You can watch a recent review of the Nebula Ocarina here)
12-Hole Phoenix Ocarina
12-Hole Dragon Ocarina
Our 12-Hole Ocarina Page

STL Ocarina 2020 Shopping Guide for Beginners

Starting the ocarina is easy and affordable! We’ve assembled our most budget friendly and durable designs for you to browse! We use these models in the classroom and have received rave results! It’s easy to start your musical journey when your instrument is small and light-weight.

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12-Hole Plastic Ocarinas
6-Hole Plastic Ocarina
Our Ocarina Course (for 12-Hole)
Our Plastic Ocarina Page

STL Ocarina 2020 Shopping Guide for Musicians

Made of porcelain or purple clay, these high caliber Ocarinas are designed for serious performers and professional musicians! We’ve assembled our best models to get you right where you need to be – a collection of resonant, organic, and highly rewarding ocarinas designed to handle advanced repertoire. Treat yourself to an ocarina of outstanding quality below! 

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12 Hole Blue and White Porcelain Tenor Ocarina
Purple Clay Tenor C Major Double Ocarina
Our Professional Ocarina Page

STL Ocarina 2020 Shopping Guide One of a Kind Chen Ching

The ultimate Ocarina collection – exclusively designed by legendary ceramic artist Chen Ching – assembled just for you! This is the largest Chen Ching collection in existence, featuring a wide variety of tunings, sizes, and designs. This is a treasure trove of imaginative creation – find your own truly “one of a kind” Ocarina below!

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Chen Ching Ocarina Page

STL Ocarina 2020 Shopping Guide for Gift Cards

We’ve got your shopping covered – no browsing necessary! If you want to surprise a loved one but don’t have a specific model in mind, simply send them a gift card with instant electronic delivery! Jump start someone’s musical journey today with one of our exclusive holiday gift cards!

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Our Gift Card Page

We have created instructional books for beginners and advanced players alike.

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Our Best Seller - 12 Hole Method Book
Our Method and Exercise Book Page
Our Songbook Page
Our Music Library